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🚀 Using Demo​

We strongly recommend that you first run the framework-related sample DEMO we have prepared for you. This will not only allow you to intuitively experience the functionalities of the OpenIMSDK, but it will also help you quickly identify and resolve issues during the actual integration process.

Quick Integration​

1. Add Dependencies​

npm install open-im-sdk-wasm @openim/electron-client-sdk --save

2. Obtain Static Resources Required by wasm​

In the node_modules directory at the root of your project, find the open-im-sdk-wasm subdirectory, and copy all files from the assets folder to your project's public resource directory (public).

  • File List
  • After copying, include the wasm_exec.js file in your index.html file via a script tag

  • Potential Issues

    If you are using webpack4, you might need to refer to this issue for configuration How to import open-im-sdk-wasm in webpack4.x

3. Import SDK​

  • Main Process
import OpenIMSDKMain from '@openim/electron-client-sdk';

new OpenIMSDKMain(libPath, mainWindow.webContents);
  • Preload Script
import '@openim/electron-client-sdk/lib/preload';

  • Renderer Process
import { getWithRenderProcess } from '@openim/electron-client-sdk/lib/render';

const { instance } = getWithRenderProcess();

export const IMSDK = instance;

4. Login and Set Listeners​

Note: The initialization of the SDK differs between the electron and web environments. If you need to support both, pay attention to handling them separately.

import { CbEvents, LogLevel } from 'open-im-sdk-wasm';
import type { WSEvent } from 'open-im-sdk-wasm/lib/types/entity';

IMSDK.on(CbEvents.OnConnecting, handleConnecting);
IMSDK.on(CbEvents.OnConnectFailed, handleConnectFailed);
IMSDK.on(CbEvents.OnConnectSuccess, handleConnectSuccess);

// Electron
await IMSDK.initSDK({
platformID: 'your-platform-id',
apiAddr: 'http://your-server-ip:10002',
wsAddr: 'ws://your-server-ip:10001',
dataDir: 'your-db-dir',
logFilePath: 'your-log-file-path',
logLevel: LogLevel.Debug,
isLogStandardOutput: true,

await IMSDK.login({
userID: 'your-user-id',
token: 'your-token',

// Web
await IMSDK.login({
userID: 'your-user-id',
token: 'your-token',
platformID: 5,
apiAddr: 'http://your-server-ip:10002',
wsAddr: 'ws://your-server-ip:10001',
logLevel: LogLevel.Debug,

function handleConnecting() {
// Connecting...

function handleConnectFailed({ errCode, errMsg }: WSEvent) {
// Connection failed ❌
console.log(errCode, errMsg);

function handleConnectSuccess() {
// Connection successful ✅

5. Sending and Receiving Messages​

import { CbEvents } from 'open-im-sdk-wasm';
import type { WSEvent, MessageItem } from 'open-im-sdk-wasm/lib/types/entity';

// Listen for new messages 📩
IMSDK.on(CbEvents.OnRecvNewMessages, handleNewMessages);

const message = (await IMSDK.createTextMessage('hello openim')).data;

recvID: 'recv user id',
groupID: '',
.then(() => {
// Message sent successfully ✉ī¸
.catch(err => {
// Failed to send message ❌

function handleNewMessages({ data }: WSEvent<MessageItem[]>) {
// New message list 📨