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Our Mission

From the day OpenIM was founded, we have always believed in "open source" as the core driving force. This not only reflects the internet's ideals of freedom, equality, and sharing but also addresses global data security challenges.

Issues such as data breaches, ransomware, and privacy invasions constantly remind us of the importance of security. Therefore, we offer a cost-effective and secure IM service to meet the data protection needs of enterprises.

⭐️ We thank every developer who has given us a thumbs up. Your support is the cornerstone of our pursuit to be the number one in open-source IM!

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Our Team

Comprised of senior IM/RTC architects, we firmly believe that open-source technology can create real value for users. We welcome tech enthusiasts from around the world to join us and collaborate in refining our technology, ensuring every application possesses IM functionality.

Community Participation